Amazing Things to Do in Florida

People visiting Florida will never find themselves short of things to do. Whether it is man made attractions that they are interested in or the natural environment that they want to explore, there really is something for everyone in Florida.


Everglades National Park


The Everglades National Park is the second largest national park in the country. It was established in 1947 after the government were petitioned by environmentalists.


There are 1.5 million acres of swamps and marshes within the park and this is home to a wide range of wildlife including crocodiles, turtles and otters. The best way to explore the park is on a wildlife boat tour.


Walt Disney World


This is one of the most popular attractions in Florida especially with families. Younger children will love meeting their favorite Disney characters and there are plenty of exciting rides for parents such as Space Mountain. Disney World is often the very reason that people visit Florida and they can choose to stay at the park, or stay elsewhere and buy day passes to visit the park.


Universal Studios


As well as being a theme park, Universal Studios is still used for filming films and TV shows. Most of the rides in the park are based around films that have been made at the studios. There are also restaurants and shops available at the park along with live entertainment offered daily.


Kennedy Space Center


Many of the most famous space journeys that have been made in American history have launched from the Kennedy Space Center. The site is 140,000 acres in size and is so big that a complimentary bus is offered to get visitors around the center.


Busch Gardens


Visitors to the Tampa area should definitely make Busch Gardens one of the places that they visit. There is a safari park here that is home to some species of wildlife that are not found anywhere else. There is also a theme park that is home to SheiKra, a rollercoaster that has no floor and has a 200 foot vertical drop.


Miami Beach


Miami Beach is on an island can be reached from mainland Florida by travelling over a bridge. The golden sand and blue ocean make the beach look like something that would be found on a postcard. The world famous Ocean Drive runs alongside the beach and here many shops and restaurants can be found.


Dry Tortugas National Park


This park can only be accessed by boat and is ideal for snorkelling and exploring the reef. It is also home to Fort Jefferson which was constructed in the 18th Century by the United States government.



Reviews of the Best Welding Helmets I’ve Gotten from Coworkers

Welders of all calibers, whether master professionals or weekend warriors, understand that a good helmet is as critical a piece of equipment as any other.  Finding the best helmet for your needs can be easier once you understand the basic features and functions of various helmets and what optional features might work for your projects and your budget.  With quality models starting at under $100, you should be able to find one that doesn’t break the bank, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can skimp on a good helmet.  The safety of your eyes, head, and face is too important not to spend time finding the best helmet for you.



One important thing to consider that some newbies overlook is hard-hat compatibility.  If your job requires that you wear a hard hat, you have to find a welding helmet that’s designed to be worn with one.  Forgetting this can result in wasted time and money.


On the convenience side, decide whether or not you want a helmet that can be flipped up as opposed to removed any time you need to take a breather or doing a naked-eye close inspection of your work.  Among the flip-up models, there are some that have to be held up and out of the way and others that will lock in that position.


When it comes to one of a helmet’s primary functions–eye protection, you’ll have to decide on a lens plate that offers a fixed level of darkness or one that features an adjustable darkness level.  If you’ll be doing the same type of welding in the same setting all the time, you’ll probably be fine with a fixed-darkness lens as long as you match the lens’s darkness level to your work.  For those who do different types of welding and/or weld in different ambient light settings, an adjustable lens is probably the better choice.  Some adjustable lenses are manually operated, meaning you’ll have to adjust the darkness level yourself.  If you opt for this type of model, you’ll have to decide between controls mounted inside the helmet, which are better protected from sparks, molten metal, and falls, but generally require that you remove the helmet to make the adjustments, or outer controls that are easier to get to but more exposed to potential damage.  There are also self-adjusting lenses that darken or lighten automatically based on current light conditions.  These are typically more expensive, but the added convenience might be worth the added cost if you work in situations where you face frequent starts and stops.  



The other major duty of a welding helmet is to protect the rest of your head.  If you do a good deal of welding in tight spaces or overhead, you probably need a helmet that covers as much of your whole head as possible since sparks will be coming at you from all directions.  If you primarily find yourself welding bent over your work, you should be okay with less overall head protection, though nobody would fault you for wanting as much protection as you can afford.


Once you decide what type of helmet is best for you, you’ll need to make sure you research the weight of your top contenders.  It might seem like most helmets are pretty light, but even an extra pound can feel like a whole lot more after a long day of wear, especially if your head stays bent over your work most of the time.  To make wearing your helmet as comfortable as possible and to minimize the chances of neck strain, find the lightest and most well-balanced helmet you can.  A well-balanced helmet distributes the weight so evenly that it can feel lighter than other helmets that actually weigh less.  Try resting a helmet in the palm of your hand.  The helmets with the best weight-distribution design will be the ones that feel lightest in your hand and don’t seem like they’re wobbly or leaning too much in one direction or another.


Spending a little time researching about the best welding helmets for the money and comparing models is the best way to make sure you get the best and most comfortable protection possible.


The Top Gear Every Welder Needs

Are you a pro in welding and fabricating or a beginner? Well if you are either of the two, there are a must tools that you should possess. Although all welders use the same tools, different welders are known to have different skill levels. Let’s look at the tools that the welders are expected to have.


  • Welding cart.


The welding cart is crucial when working as it helps in moving the welder around. When you use a welding cart, you will not need to keep on carrying your welder manually as it may be tiring. You will only need to roll your cart to the place where you want the welder positioned. You can make your cart, or you can also opt to purchase a ready made one.


  • Welding table and platforms.


It is super difficult to weld without a working place or a bench. It is, therefore, important for you to acquire a real metal workbench as it will help you weld safely and you will be able to work more comfortably off the ground.


  • Auto-dimming helmet.


Are you a starter or already used to welding, you will benefit a lot from having a badass welding helmet. The mask works by sensing and quickly shielding you from the bright light that occurs while welding. The auto-dimming helmet not only protects your eyes from the bright light but they also help in the setting and finding of your weld joint easily while the mask is down.

There are different styles and types of auto-dimming helmets you can choose to use.


  • Welding gloves.


It is always important for you to wear protective gloves when welding for you to protect your hands. The act of welding involves melting the metal and this action generates a lot of heat and therefore it is advisable for you to wear welding gloves so as to keep your hands protected. Although there are different types of welding gloves, ensure you buy the ones made of leather as they are strong and durable as well.


  • Welding respirator.


While you are welding and preparing metal for welding, a lot of fumes and debris emits which can harm your respiratory system. Therefore ensure that you wear a dusk mask to cover your nose so as prevent yourself from inhaling the fumes and the debris.


  • Safety glasses.


While welding always ensures that you wear a pair of safety glasses under your helmet. The safety glasses prevent any metal from hitting your eyes as this may damage your eyes.


  • Angle grinder.


A grinder is a valuable tool one has to have in their workshop. The grinder can be used to perform different tasks at your workshop like changing the disc and hand cleaning the weld joints and cutting the metal into the required sizes while welding.


  • Hammer and dolly kit.


The tools are important when you are setting up workpiece for welding and also during the welding process. The hammer is used to help in tuning the joints, and to straighten sheet metals as well. There is a variety of hammer dolls you can buy that wills suit our purpose as well.


  • Measuring tools.


When welding, accuracy is of great importance, and therefore you should have posses all the measuring tools required. The most common tools are tape measures, metal rulers, calipers, micrometers and metal T-squares.