Are you a pro in welding and fabricating or a beginner? Well if you are either of the two, there are a must tools that you should possess. Although all welders use the same tools, different welders are known to have different skill levels. Let’s look at the tools that the welders are expected to have.


  • Welding cart.


The welding cart is crucial when working as it helps in moving the welder around. When you use a welding cart, you will not need to keep on carrying your welder manually as it may be tiring. You will only need to roll your cart to the place where you want the welder positioned. You can make your cart, or you can also opt to purchase a ready made one.


  • Welding table and platforms.


It is super difficult to weld without a working place or a bench. It is, therefore, important for you to acquire a real metal workbench as it will help you weld safely and you will be able to work more comfortably off the ground.


  • Auto-dimming helmet.


Are you a starter or already used to welding, you will benefit a lot from having a badass welding helmet. The mask works by sensing and quickly shielding you from the bright light that occurs while welding. The auto-dimming helmet not only protects your eyes from the bright light but they also help in the setting and finding of your weld joint easily while the mask is down.

There are different styles and types of auto-dimming helmets you can choose to use.


  • Welding gloves.


It is always important for you to wear protective gloves when welding for you to protect your hands. The act of welding involves melting the metal and this action generates a lot of heat and therefore it is advisable for you to wear welding gloves so as to keep your hands protected. Although there are different types of welding gloves, ensure you buy the ones made of leather as they are strong and durable as well.


  • Welding respirator.


While you are welding and preparing metal for welding, a lot of fumes and debris emits which can harm your respiratory system. Therefore ensure that you wear a dusk mask to cover your nose so as prevent yourself from inhaling the fumes and the debris.


  • Safety glasses.


While welding always ensures that you wear a pair of safety glasses under your helmet. The safety glasses prevent any metal from hitting your eyes as this may damage your eyes.


  • Angle grinder.


A grinder is a valuable tool one has to have in their workshop. The grinder can be used to perform different tasks at your workshop like changing the disc and hand cleaning the weld joints and cutting the metal into the required sizes while welding.


  • Hammer and dolly kit.


The tools are important when you are setting up workpiece for welding and also during the welding process. The hammer is used to help in tuning the joints, and to straighten sheet metals as well. There is a variety of hammer dolls you can buy that wills suit our purpose as well.


  • Measuring tools.


When welding, accuracy is of great importance, and therefore you should have posses all the measuring tools required. The most common tools are tape measures, metal rulers, calipers, micrometers and metal T-squares.